Millennium Force Cedar Point United States

(last ridden - 2007)

They say satisfaction is the death of desire, but why even after riding this thing do I still want to ride again, and again? Although this ride has all the elements of speed, intensity and length. It's not just the seemingly endless steep drops, nicely placed tunnels or HIGHLY banked turns.. It's all about length, pacing, speed and more speed. With raised seating, an efficient lift, minimalist structure and no inversions, this a ride worthy of losing your voice on. It's like a ride off a 30 story office building in an office chair (with a smooth landing). This is the future of steel coasters, my future says I'll visit Cedar Point more. 300' 1st drop at 80 degrees,  6,595' long, 92 mph

Olympia Looping Stuttgarter-Fruehlingsfest 2008 (fair) Germany

(last ridden - 2008)

It's almost appropraite that it takes a near quest to capture an experience on this travelling gem; because it is not just your sundry theme park coaster. Incredible drops, five loops and tight finale' brings together the elements all enthusiasts love; so good the shoulder harnesses is not of concern. It's speedy and unpredictable, one of the best all time coaster moments is the transition between loop 1 and 2. Intense enough to make re-riding tough, but intriguing enough to keep you coming back. Olympia Looping is a true Thriller; operating in true Schwartzkopf style and showcasing German fair spirit.

4,100' in length, 107' tall, 5 inversions, allegedly 5.2 G's

Montu Busch Gardens Dark Continent/Tampa United States

(last ridden - 2005)

Here's an idea... Dangle your feet out of a vehicle, fly through (very high) inversions, (seemingly tight) tunnels, past an Egyptain structure and through troughs (at and below ground level). With amazing G forces, and the joy of speed variations throughout the ride it's a ballet on wheels. Not to mention the available viewing area's from the ground are great for photographers and those who declined the journey. At one time  their were Crocodiles in a pit under your feet when the train the left the station, now that's entertainment and a thrill ride!

3,983 feet of track at speeds in excess of 60 mph!

Nemesis Alton Towers - Staffordshire England

(last ridden - 2000)

O.k. so the ride is short... What makes it so great though? It's not the weird first drop, or the surprising first inversion seemingly suspended in mid air, or the way it twists around itself and the station. It's not just the waterfalls of "blood", or the jagged rocks and foliage flying past your feet, or even the deep trenches. It's the combination of all these things!! Nor can you ignore the train twisting around the queue, the suspenseful soundtrack, the wrecked tour bus and the scared onlookers. This rides dared to be different not everyone dares to ride it, because it is as scary as it looks.

Length: 2349', 50 mph, a mere 4 inversions

Griffon Busch Gardens Old Country United States

(last ridden - 2007)

Although much like Sheikra, the concept has been improved; maybe it's the 5 extra feet in height, the extra inversion or 10 riders per row; either way it's more addicitve. The floorless cars, the view from the lift and the smoother ride experience seems more memorable. Griffon seemed to provide a unique feeling and experience than found on many B&M loopers today. Unsure if it were designed or happenstance, but this ride magically induced butterflies on the first drop; something rides rarely produce. Negative G's, 4 positive G's and thrilling until it's splashdown finale'. Fun to ride, watch and an excellent addition to the park.

3,100 feet of track, 205 feet high, 71 mph, 2 inversions

Talon Dorney Park United States

(last ridden - 2007)

Viewing it from the midway I first thought the ride would be too intense not so much a piece of thrilling art as I see it today. In no way is it repetitive, nor does it loop too much, or pull too many G's. It has  the right combination of elements and surprises that keeps the guests satisfied. Not bad for Tilted Acres, the color scheme, devilish support structure and an original personality John Waters could appreciate. This ride brought Dorney Park way out of the 60's, the mid-course swoop turn and pre-station dip help make this ride a real original.

105 feet high, 50 mph, 2,700 feet long

Lisebergbanen Liseberg Sweden

(last ridden - 2003)

I had many expectations of this ride, and it met them all. Built on a hillside and utilizing terrain well (always a plus) this ride never lets up. Amazing capacity means the line is always moving too! The ride swoops, dives, and twists all over the hillside. When you think it's about over another hill with airtime takes you into a surprise, intense, positive G's inducing, Schwartzkopf style ending. An extremely, fun re-rideable attraction. Everybody claims Anton said their coaster to be his favorite, it's probably be true in this case.

147' tall, 5000 feet of track, 1987 installation, NO inversions

Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point United States

(last ridden - 2007)

Once higher on my list, other rides built since make it a bit less original. Although I would label this as a gimmick ride, no ride has ever elicited such anxiety or screams from me. This monster can be seen from 6 miles away! I categorize it's only drop as the best steel coaster drop in the world, which is basically a tight vertical barrel roll 400' high! I feel if this ride did more it could be higher on my list but with a 124 mph launch (on the day I visited) and that massive drop, what could ever follow it up or compliment it? I like it for just as it is, this is a bugs in your teeth scream machine by all definition.

2,800 feet, approx. 16 sec.

Jetline Grona Lund Sweden

(last ridden - 2003)

One of the later Anton Schwartzkopf installations (1988) this ride is in my top 10 list partly because of it's quirky appeal. Better keep your arms in the car, no joking here. Beyond the waterside location which harkens back to earlier parks, the (park added) elongated first drop and tunnel (1997), or even the unique Vilda Musen built much within the same structure for many near miss collisions. The ride runs as if in a German Fair, efficient, barely braked, twisted into a tiny footprint, fun and intense. Unfortunately this is not like a ride found in any American theme parks today. This ride will help bring me back to Stockholm. 105 feet tall, 2,600 feet long, NO inversions

Mindbender Six Flags Over Georgia United States

(last ridden - 2010)

This ride exemplifies what I call a perfect steel looping coaster. I never visit this park without at least one ride on it. Built on a hillside, it utilizes the topography of the land very well. You'll encounter two vertical loops and one "horizontal" loop, a waterfall, and a tunnel on the journey. Night rides on this coaster for me, is akin to going to times square on New Years Eve. Probably the first steel coaster worth of being considered a classic thriller. I hope it has a long prosperous life, whatever color it's painted. The term for the day is: "vertical spread", it's worth learning.

Built in 1978, 50 MPH, 3,253 feet long.